Success Stories

Keith in Oceanside, California

I’m sure that you’ve heard this before but we can’t begin to thank you enough for what you did to help us save our home. The word came on our anniversary, which was the best present we could get. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Paul in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia

Thank you for all the hardwork on our modification. We would have lost our home if not for you and your staff. We will recommend you to anyone in need of the same great service we received.

Chad in Miami, Florida

I would like to express my gratitude to Arian Credit Services for handling my tough loan modification. I would like to thank ACS and his team for their hard work, care and expertise. My experience with Michael and his team has been fantastic, from day one that Michael personally sat down with me to go over my case. I would have no doubts when recommending Michael and his team, they do their job and do it efficiently. Michael’s staff worked with me personally through the entire case and let me say that they were informative, updated me often, and not just through emails but over the phone and even did it late in the evening when they knew that I was available. I can’t express how thankful I am for helping myself and my family keep our home. It was a long fight, but now I have a payment that I can handle without stress. Thank you very much.

Gilberto in Louisville , Kentucky

Thank you very much for the assistance you have given us. I hope you will continue helping other people to have their loans modified.

John and Estella in New York City , New Jersey

We are writing to thank you for assisting us in obtaining the remodification loan we needed to keep our home. We find it difficult to adequately express in words the gratitude that we feel for not just the loan you helped us obtain, but for the peace of mind and happiness that came with it. When we came to you, we were ready to give up on keeping our home and were preparing for the major change this would entail. For years we had been looking forward to finding peace and comfort in the home we had worked for years to own, only to have our dreams and hopes crushed by the reality of losing our home. When we initially found ourselves in this situation of having to pay a mortgage payment that was well beyond our mean, we sought to negotiate directly with the bank. This went on for months, yet all our attempts were to no avail. We then retained the services of a real estate lawyer who assured us this would be a process that would lead us to obtaining the we needed. After paying thousands of dollars, and as a result getting further in debt, we were told the bank had refused to negotiate and there was nothing more that could be done. We were devastated by the news but decided to get a second opinion and once again retained the services of a law firm to handle our case. After months of delays and excuses, we were once again told that more money was spent to obtain the same negative result. We again had no loan modification and after paying these services we now had even less money to adjust to the impending loss of our home. When we had no hope and were resigned to our fate, we came to you. From the start we knew this was different, that you were different. You were honest and forthcoming with the information you provided us and were willing to spend time listening to our story and offering us the assistance we so desperately needed. Less than a week after retaining your services, you had submitted the loan documents. Shortly after that we were informed by our bank that we had obtained the modification on our loan which we had sought for years. The joy and comfort this news brought to us is immense and indescribable. Thanks to you we will be able to stay in our beloved home and continue to make memories in it with our family and friends. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and would without hesitation recommend you to anyone who is experiencing a similar situation and needs efficient and timely assistance addressing their real estate needs. Once again thank you for your help and for being one of the good guys, who is truly dedicated to the service of others.

Lynda in Chicago , Illinois

I am so thankful that my dear friends recommended you to consult with regarding a loan modification. My husband and I purchased our home 13 years ago. Since that time, he passed away unexpectedly and after the loss of my spouse, I also lost the ability to work in the profession that I dedicated myself to which is Nursing. I was placed on permanent disability and the thought of losing my home as well after the time and memorable experiences I shared with friends and family was another loss I would try to avoid if at all possible.

Upon my initial consultation with ACS, I was not only impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his professionalism regarding the modification process but I also found him to be a honest and straightforward individual that I could trust.

I underwent the process with the kind and hardworking assistance of not only Michael but others who worked very hard to provide me with the opportunity to remain in my home and to make it affordable to do so.

After the modification process was completed, my initial visit with Michael had provided me with an approximate figure as to what my mortgage payment would be. Michael was exact and my house payment returned to what my husband and I had been paying 13 years ago. What a blessing.

Thank you Michael, Angie, Angelica for your professionalism, honesty and hard work in helping stay in my home. I know my husband would be thankful as well.

Kathy & Jeremy in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

After (3) three attempts and (3) three turndowns from our lender we were frustrated and close to “giving in” with trying to get our mortgage modified. However, I was referred to the offices of ACS, Attorney @ Law and the rest is a success story that we can now attest to and say that without their assistance and help we probably would not have gotten a loan modification.

Prior to the first visit to the offices of ACS, we had credit scores (both of us) of over 800 with all major credit bureaus. We had always been timely with payments on our mortgage and other credit. Our lender did not consider any of our issues as I was out of work for (2) two years and my wife had returned to work after losing her income for over (3) three years. We struggled for over (3) three years to stay ahead and trying to get help from our lender. They ignored our requests for help and did not offer any solutions and were not willing to help us. It all changed with the help of the staff at Arian Credit Services.

After (5) months of using the expertise and services from Arian Credit Services, we received a Fed Ex package with our trial modification information in the package. We were put on a (4) month trail modification with the lender. Payments were reduced by $ 1200.00 that includes yearly real estate tax. Our principle was reduced considerably and now we can afford our monthly payments and our mortgage is no longer Up-Side-Down.

We are comfortable today and appreciative of our current mortgage situation. This is all because of the services of ACS and the fact that we found them to assist and help us.

Sunny in Washington, D.C , Maryland

We have been working with ACS since 2008, when we were told by lenders that we would lose all our properties and go bankrupt, due to the negative amortized loans and the decline in market values, since rents no longer covered the mortgages. We own five properties and I manage one more for my brother, so we had 6 properties that needed loan modifications. He was finally successful in getting 5 of the 6 loans modified. We have one more to go. Michael's dedication to helping folks keep their homes is truly amazing. He CARES and everyone in his office cares and did everything they could to get our loans modified. Our principal residence took nearly 2 years to go through the process since the mortgage company that held the loan was acquired by two other lenders during that time. Lenders kept "losing" all the paperwork we submitted and ACS office had to submit and resubmit the same items over and over again. Michael knows the law and has relationships with many key players in the mortgage departments so that he can get answers to questions and get problems solved. I know for a fact that he has saved a number of our friend's homes, since I referred them to him. He has stopped trustee sales and has even forced lenders to give properties back to owners when they were illegally sold out from under the homeowners. If there is a problem with any loan, Michael is the person I would continue to go back to time and time again because I KNOW he won't give up until he gets the job done for his clients! Thank you again for all you and your staff have done to help us with our loan mod. on our houses. Have a very Happy Easter! You have made it a much happier one for many, many people over the years! God BLESS YOU, your staff and your family,

Christian in Dallas , Texas

I have three units in San Diego I attempted to modify same as everyone else was doing, the first person that was helping me was unable to get anything acomplished, at this point I almost lost the property to a trustee sale but was able to postpone it, the second company that I went to see for a modification, not only did not do anything for me but took me for thousands of dollars, I was then introduced to ACS, he made all the difference in the world, he got me an amazing loan modification I never expected, I have since referre my clients with Michael and he has been able to help them out as well.

Nick in Port Land , Oregon

ACS saved our house. The bank foreclosed on us but Michael was able to get it back and, after a long hard fight, he was able to modify our loan. My bank was Indymac and I honestly thought I was going to lose my house. If it were not for Michael I surely would have lost it. I cannot thank ACS enough for what he did for me and my family.